Thursday, March 3, 2011

Almost done...

With the house-buying process. Yup. We are buying a house! Still can't believe it myself! We have already done the inspection and the bank process is already done. By tomorrow, we should have a concrete date set for closing. Right now it's March 31st, but we would like to move in a week earlier, if at all possible, so we'll see. The seller has been so gracious, too. They are willing to do all of the work we submitted on the list...praise the Lord! He sure does lead us every step of the way, doesn't He? And gives us peace and grace to go with it!
So...about the is older (we like to think of it as having character ;)). It was built in 1955, had a second-floor addition put on, went in to foreclosure, etc. But, the great thing is, we didn't buy it as a foreclosure! I don't know if any of you have been looking at foreclosed/short-sale/bank-owned homes, but they are usually trashed and need a lot of work. At least, the ones we looked at did. Anyway, it WAS a foreclosure home until a company bought it and completely flipped it...and they did a beautiful job! I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it on here. :) It's four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fenced in backyard that I can send my kiddos out to play in! Woohoo! I can't do that where we live now. It will be such a blessing, especially with home-schooling.
About home-schooling...we have really enjoyed this school year. I have really enjoyed seeing how my first-grader's mind works and learns. We've had our days, especially when it comes to math, but it has definitely been worth it, in my opinion. Having said that, my soon-to-be-second-grader will be attending school next year...outside the home. She will really enjoy it, and in our opinion, it is the best choice for her at this time. It is one of the charter schools that we applied to. This one has a small class size...maybe 20 students...and two grades in the same classroom. It will be so great for her! And then I can focus on my almost four-year-old and learn some colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. So exciting!
Let's that it? Guess so. Still doing Pampered Chef and it is going well. I would still like to get more contacts, but that will come. In the meantime, if you like Pampered Chef (they just came out with their new products two days ago!), come visit my website
Come on, you know I had to put a plug in. ;)
Well, that's about it for now. Thanks to my college roommate who reminds me to blog about life changes every now and then. :) She knows who she is. Anyway, well it's off to do some more, history, and science. Then I have to decide what and how I'm going to pack in the next few weeks! Thanks for reading