Thursday, May 26, 2011

More house pictures...

Sorry for the crazy picture layout. It's not working right for me. Anywhow, I'll give a quick commentary down here. The first picture is from the loft area upstairs. The next ones are the master bath and bedroom. Then the downstairs bedroom, living room, and dining area. And, no, none of the furniture is ours. :( I wish! It was staging stuff. Anyway, there's a quick peek. I tried uploading one last picture of the backyard, but it quit working altogether. Technology. Suffice to say, it is quite a large backyard as far as Denver goes, and we are VERY happy with it! :)

Peanut Butter Cups and Carpets and School

Well, here it is. The LAST DAY of school!!! I have enjoyed being my daughter's teacher...I really have. It has been so insightful to see how her brain works and how she learns best. What a privilege and a blessing to be able to see that and know so I can better help her in the future. Having said that, I am SO glad to be DONE! No more lesson plans for THIS teacher. At least, not for a while. :) After the summer, my sweet first-born will be a second-grader! I refuse to think about how old that makes me. ;)
The next exciting thing going on is teaching little 3-5 year olds at church on Wednesday night. I know, I know...didn't I just say I'm so glad to be done with teaching, lesson plans, etc.? But this is different. Never thought I'd be doing it because my degree is in HIGH SCHOOL education, not preschool. I really enjoy it and we can just go all out and have tons of fun for about an hour every week. And the most important thing is getting to teach them about God and what HE does and has done for us. What is more fulfilling and rewarding than teaching children about Christ? We are using the Canadian version of Focus on the Family website. They have a program...meant for use in families, really, but it still translates very well to my small class...called Kids of Integrity ( It is an AMAZING program! We focused on being a good listener last week and last night we talked about our communication. It's been so much fun. AND...the best part was...I wanted to get those little rugs that you can put on the floor. You know the ones I'm talking about? The little sample carpets that you see at the flooring store, or Lowe's, or Home Depot? Well, I called around yesterday and I found a small flooring store just down the road that was willing to give me as many as I needed. Yes! The kids LOVED them and they really help to settle them down (except for my three-year-old, of course) for story time. I LOVE them! I will put a picture in once I get a good one of them.
A friend of mine just blogged about making homemade peanut butter cups and I cannot wait to make them! Doesn't that just sound absolutely yummy?! I have been enjoying (a little too much, I'm afraid) the dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups. Not a huge dark chocolate fan, but I love those! So I'm thinking about making them for Monday. We're probably going to a Memorial Day parade close here. There is one, just a few miles away, that they say is the largest in Colorado. I love parades...marching bands and horses are my favorite, I think. And living in Denver, there seems to never be a shortage of them. So that makes me happy. :) Anyway, after the parade, we'll be hanging out at my folks, grilling out and such. And, hopefully, eating some yummy homemade peanut butter cups! I'll let you know how it turns out.
Well, that's about it for today. The next thing on my list is to change this blog background. It's driving me nuts! I messed with it once a long time ago and messed it all up. Sorry about that. Right now, I'm off to enjoy the summer off of school! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New House Pictures

Well, this is the kitchen and the garage door. The kitchen has granite tile countertops and ceramic tile floor. Love love love it! I think it's my favoite room in the house. :) Have to go start school right now, so I'll post more pictures later!


My friends, it has been forever! (Not a big surprise though, huh? :)) So here's quick run-down of the latest major happenings.
Well, we are now moved into our house and we are absolutely loving it. My favorite part is getting to send the children OUTSIDE to play in our huge backyard. They love it, too. :) And it's nice to have room in the house for just nothing for a change. Now it's time to start seriously decorating the place. First, I need money though. :) Anyway, I am going to create an entire blog post of just house pictures once I finish this because it wasn't putting the pictures in right when I just tried. Ahhh, technology. :)
School is almost finished here. Our last day is May 27th. Hannah will be attending a charter school next year for second grade! I can't believe my little 7 lbs. 12 oz. baby is almost 7! And my other "baby" will be 4 in July! I will be doing some preschool with her at home next year. It will be fun to spend the one-on-one time with her that I got to do with my oldest when I did preschool with her. Can't wait for summer break, though. No more lesson plans for this teacher! :)
We continue to love our church more and more and find ways to get involved. I am teaching the 3 and 4 year olds at church on Wednesday nights this summer...since we don't have cubbies during the summer. It's so much fun. They have so much energy and are so teachable. And I am constantly amazed at their simplistic (and rightly so) view of God. I am praying that I can help their understanding of God and how He wants us to behave and ultimately, help them understand salvation, of course. So I have been enjoying putting together different teaching aides...Gospel fuzzies (, the Wordless Book, stuff like that. It is fun for me because I love to teach. Although my degree is in high school education, the desire to teach is just teach, no matter what the age group. Anyway, I'm excited! Can you tell? ;)
Oh, and this June is going to be a busy one! My sister-in-law and her husband and three boys will be coming to visit us very soon. They're only staying for the weekend, but it will be great to see them. Then, the next weekend, my brother is getting married! I'm a bridesmaid, my husband is a usher, and the girls are flower girls/candle holders. Wow. That is going to be a busy weekend. Then, the next weekend, my husband's youngest brother is getting married in Virginia! So we'll be able to see all of his family and spend time with them...especially all of the cousins. My girls are excited about that. :) Then it's Rebekah's birthday the beginning of July...and on and on and on. I'll be sure to bore you with details later. So that's just a quick catch-up of all the fun stuff happening here. Now I'm off to get pictures of the house put up!