Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disappointment :(

So today I decided to take the kids and go watch the "circus parade" here in Denver. It was advertised on the news and on some webpages and it sounded really fun. All the hoopla is to celebrate the 50 year (I think) anniversary of Barnum and Bailey circus. Apparently they are touring in their big long train and everything. Well anyway, we got parked and picked out a good spot on the parade route and were there pretty early. It was supposed to start about 1 or 1:30 this afternoon. Oh yeah, and it is still stinking hot here...92 degrees today! So the kiddos and I waited and waited...and waited and waited...then someone told us that it was going to be a little later. So we waited some more and waited some more. Three whole hours after we arrived, we heard it was coming. We were getting excited! What animals would we see? How big of a parade would it be? How about this? About ten lousy elephants walking briskly by...no major entourage, no other hoopla, no nothin'. People all around us couldn't believe that we waited that long just to see a few elephants race by. SO disappointing! The three-year-old began to cry and the six-year-old just looked at me and asked, "That's it?!" Oh well. At least it gave us something to do all afternoon. :) But it was definitely a bummer after we waited and waited and sweat and sweltered in the hot sun for three hours. Well, it's a story they can tell their kids one day, I guess. :) Too bad they weren't passing out free circus tickets to those of us who stuck it out! Again, oh well. But we are going to the circus in just a few days...our consolation prizes. :) We're going to surprise the kids and not tell them until the day of. It will be so much fun and they will be so excited! I can't wait!!!

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  1. I'm sorry you had a disappointing parade. I hope you really enjoy the Circus.