Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Worth Much

Almost a week ago, I was relaxing at home in the evening all by myself when I heard something that sounded like water dripping. Thinking it might be in the kitchen, I investigated in there. But no water was dripping in there. So I checked the washer, just in case something had malfunctioned and it was leaking. Nope. Then I decided to open the utility closet. You know, the one where the hot water heater and everything is. And there was the problem. Water was running out of the hot water heater from the top, out over the sides, and out the bottom. It was a mess! Praise the Lord the closet was designed well and had a drain. And what a blessing it was to have our maintenance man here with a brand new heater bright and early the next morning! Well, once he installed the new hot water heater, I tested the water. And it was hot! We have lived here for almost four months now and it bothered me that our water never really got hot. It grossed me out to do the dishes in not quite hot enough water (for my liking). And our showers never really got hot enough either. Anyway, now everything is hot enough for everything and everyone to get really really clean. :)

I was pondering this while doing the dishes the other day. You know the passage in Revelation 3 where God tells the church that because they aren't hot or cold (they're lukewarm), He will spit them out of his mouth? It made me think...my not so hot water wasn't very effective in washing dishes. (I like the water to be as hot as I can stand it when washing my dishes.) And it's true...hot water is MUCH more effective at getting the grime and grease off of dishes than say, lukewarm water. So what is lukewarm water good for? I don't care for lukewarm baths or showers. Not many people do. Am I effective for my Savior as a lukewarm christian? There is another passage that came to mind as well. I studied John chapter 15 quite a bit a few years back before speaking on it at a mother/daughter banquet. Jesus is talking about abiding in Him, the Vine. Apart from the Vine, we cannot do anything. In fact, verse 6 says that without abiding in the Vine, we wither as branches and are gathered for firewood. If you read more about that word picture, it goes a little deeper even. The idea is that we are some thing, straggly pieces of dried up wood that, frankly, aren't even good for firewood! Without abiding in Christ (which is an entire study in and of itself), we aren't useful for what God has intended us for. There is no middle ground. We should be giving our all to, doing our best for, and seeking and abiding in the One Who has redeemed us. God's Word is just so amazing! Anyway, just thought I'd share a bit of what was on my heart.

On a lighter note, we did go to the circus and it was great! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...the kids or us. :) We got great seats and had an amazing time. It was definitely worth it. The girls loved it and it kept their attention, even though it was getting late. And, of course, they didn't sleep in the next morning. ;) Kids. My precious little gifts from God.

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  1. Thanks from sharing from your heart. Glad you had a good time at the circus.