Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am not exactly a craft kind of person. I'll do it if I have to or if it is simple and easy to do. You know, stuff like that. However, tonight I did it. I have been looking at getting those memory board things for the girls. You know, the ones with pretty fabric and criss-crossing ribbons on them? They just seemed too expensive at the store and not exactly the colors I wanted. So I decided it couldn't be that hard or expensive to make my own. Wal-Mart had cork tiles sold in a package of four for $5.96 today, so we got some. They are 12x12 and seemed to be the perfect size for my project. Then, in the fabric section, they had some pieces that were $1! They are quilting pieces or something like that. So the girls got to pick their fabric (that is my disclaimer...the green/pink isn't exactly my favorite, but she likes it :)). Then I got some ribbon to match which was 47cents for like seven yards! So, not too bad price-wise. Put some staples in the back to hold the fabric and hot glue on the front to hold the ribbon...

and there you have it. It didn't take too terribly long either. I'm sure they could look nicer and fancier, but for a few bucks, they totally work! I want to accent where the ribbon comes together with something...buttons, pins...just something. But anyway, that was my project for the day and I'm a bit proud of it. Just thought I'd share. :)

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